The Ramblas

The Ramblas

This mile-long, tree-lined avenue slopes down from Catalonia Square to the waterfront.
We will have a leisurely stroll stopping on each of the five sections of Barcelona’s most famous road.
You will see the mime artists-you can have your photo taken with, for example, Cleopatra, Che Guevara, Charlie Chaplin, a cowboy, Homer Simpson, and Miss Piggy to name just a few of the look-alikes, the ‘human statues’.

Next stop, the Rambla of the Flowers, the most picturesque section where we will leave the Ramblas briefly to enter the Boqueria market. Here you will see an amazing variety of herbs, spices, fruit, vegetables, sea food and offal-brains, testicles, lungs, goats’ heads, and other delicious things like that to tempt your palate!

Back on the Ramblas you will see a large mosaic that Joan Miró, the celebrated local artist, gave to Barcelona, and the opera house (optional visit inside).

You will have the opportunity to admire the house with the Chinese dragon, and then the buskers, magicians, the caricaturists, portrait artists and acrobats.

I go this to area every day of the week and, even after 19 years, I still enjoy the ever-changing atmosphere.
Down by the waterfront you will see the Colombus Monument and the Maritime Museum, both of which can be visited.