12 Beautiful Beaches in Barcelona (2023)


Barcelona’s most beautiful beaches

Author Bio: Jessie Moore

8 Best beaches in Barcelona

On the hunt for blissful beaches in Barcelona? We’ve got your next seaside day trip covered. White sand, turquoise waters and hours of fun await.

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  • 15 February 2021
  • • 11 min read

Barcelona’s glistening coastline is brimming with beautiful spots for a swim and sunbathe on your 2021 holiday. Don’t just get comfortable on the first spot of sand you see, head to one of the best beaches in Barcelona for turquoise waters, beach volleyball, chiringuitos (or beach bars) and views to die for. Being in prime location on the Catalonian coast means stunning beaches can range from being a walk to a day trip away.

The great thing about Barcelona’s beaches is that there’s one for everyone. Whether that’s volleyball on Bogatell Beach, a party atmosphere at Barceloneta beach, or Mar Bella nudist beach to work on that flawless tan, we’ve rounded up the best beaches in and around Barcelona so you know exactly where you should be heading.

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1. Barceloneta

Getting to Barceloneta Beach: Easily walk or cycle to this beach from anywhere in the city, or take the yellow Metro line 4 to ‘Barceloneta’ followed by a 10 minute walk, or buses 59, H16, V23 or V25 directly to the shore. Barceloneta beach is a 10 minute cycle or a 20 minute bus ride (bus 59) from St Christopher’s Inns Barcelona.

This is by far the most popular beach in Barcelona, and with it being the city’s main stretch of coastline, you really can’t miss it. Barceloneta’s 4 kilometres of sandy shores constantly has a buzzing atmosphere as there’s just so much going on, from the market stalls to massage tables and countless restaurants, cafes and chiringuitos lining the coast beneath the palm trees. Sit back and soak up the atmosphere with a cocktail at Bambu Beach Bar, the place to be on any summer’s evening in Barcelona, or start your day with a coffee at Brunch & Cake By The Sea, right near the marina. Being so close to the city means Barceloneta is the busiest sunbathing spot of all the places on this list, but you can escape the crowds by heading into the sea on an SUP (paddleboard), windsurf or even a kitesurf. This bit of the coast is perfect for water sports fanatics.

What our Barcelona Hostel Supervisor and all-round Barcelona expert, Adrián, has to say about Barceloneta beach:

Barceloneta is the beach I always recommend to hostel guests. Like many other spots in the city, this beach is a melting point of different people and activities. You can spend a few hours there and then be back to the city centre within minutes. You’ll probably feel the sand in your shoes and the salty smell of Mediterranean sea water on your skin all day, but just try to enjoy it! That’s how we do it here! If you prefer to spend the last hours of the day at the beach, and even stay there by night, this is an awesome spot.

Mar Bella Beach

Getting to Mar Bella Beach: Take the yellow Metro line 4 and get off at Poblenou, then it’s a 12 minute walk to get to the beach. Mar Bella beach is a 30 minute journey from St Christopher’s Inns Barcelona.

Platja de la Mar Bella has made its mark by being one of the few nudist beaches in Barcelona. Its slightly more secluded location means you can work on your holiday glow, free of tan lines. The golden sand and bright blue Balearic waters are very popular amongst young people who you’ll see playing volleyball and football on the beach all day long. Mar Bella is also a go-to gay beach in Barcelona, with Chiringuito BeGay a popular meeting spot for members of the LGBTQ community to meet up for food and cocktails right on the seafront. Being right by the Poblenou, the coolest district in Barcelona, means the restaurants and cafes are going to be good. You may not get the beach views but you can still sit outside, smell the sea in the air and fill up on some delicious seafood at La Marea.

What Adrián has to say about Mar Bella Beach:

If I want to stay in Barcelona, the nudist beach of Mar Bella is my top choice. There is nothing like being able to sunbathe and swim in the sea without a swimsuit, and since it’s a bit secluded in order to protect our privacy, is also calm and quiet. Nevertheless it’s still in the urban centre. Attached to it, there is a LGBTQ friendly beach with a fancy “chiringuito”. Sometimes there are evening parties there, but even if you want a calm day, the Mar Bella nudist beach is your place.


The most popular and most traditional of all Barcelona’s beaches, Barceloneta Beach takes its name from this one-time fishing village that’s now a busy little area with lots of seafood restaurants and good facilities for visitors. The Gothic Quarter of the city and La Rambla are only 100 meters (328 feet) away, so the beach is easily accessible if you’re staying in the city. There are lifeguards on duty so the kids will be safe swimming in the sea, and there are beach volleyball and tennis courts set up on the sand. The beach has public showers and toilets, and there’s even free Wi-Fi on the beach. All in all, it has everything you need for a day at the beach, but bear in mind it is popular and it does get busy.

Things To Do

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are especially popular on Barceloneta Beach. There’s even an area for gymnastics. You can join if you’re flexible, but it’s also cool to spectate and not something you often see at a beach. It’s busy, but many people still come here just to relax. Beach huts offering drinks and snacks dot the sands and there are some great bars and restaurants up on the street by the beach.

Locals and tourists congregate at Bogatell Beach

Bogatell Beach

Smaller and quieter than the main touristy beaches in Barcelona, Bogatell Beach attracts a slightly older visitor than the bigger city beaches. It’s also very popular with locals and you’ll find less tourists and more Spaniards at this beach. Because of this, there are a lot of facilities aimed at families and children, but it’s also a lovely beach for relaxing on for a while or for going for a swim. There are some beach volleyball nets, but on the whole, it’s a quiet and clean little beach in the El Poblenou area, where there are lots of modern shops and restaurants. One big plus with this beach is it provides wheelchair access and is very user-friendly for anyone with mobility issues.

Things To Do

It’s more about taking it easy at Bogatell Beach than other Barcelona beaches. The vibe here is relaxed and chilled. The beachfront restaurants are of a very high standard and feel like they belong in an upmarket area of town; this is not beach shacks and snack bars. The town is an up-and-coming area, trendy and popular with young people for its craft beer breweries and vintage markets. It’s also a lovely place for a wander.

Sant Sebastia Beach

Sant Sebastia

Close to the port and backed by hotels, Sant Sebastia Beach is one of the longest stretches of sand in Barcelona. It’s popular with visitors and locals alike, so there’s a good mix of different people, which makes it feel cosmopolitan. It’s a diverse beach that caters to a lot of different types of visitors and locals. There’s an unofficial nudist area and an LGBTQ+ area. There is also a dedicated area for wheelchairs, with volunteers helping those with mobility issues enjoy the beach. There are showers and toilets, and on the promenade, there are lots of restaurants, so you can easily spend the day here. Be aware, the naturists who visit this beach do sometimes wander around and even sometimes go into the bars without clothes on!

Things To Do

Most people come here to hire a beach lounger and spend the day sunbathing and dipping in the sea. There are bars and restaurants up on the street and some small kiosks for drinks on the beach itself. It’s not a beach for water sports, it’s more of a traditional beach for sun and sea.

Mar Bella Beach

Nova Mar Bella

Just to the north of Mar Bella is Nova Mar Bella which too clutches Blue Flag status. I think this is a wonderful tranquil beach with a large slide popular with children.

It sits between the Selva de Mar and Bac de Roda breakwaters. The beach is family friendly but it’s quiet and calm, perfect for a day of unwinding on the sand and dipping in the sea.

It may be a tranquil beach but there are actually plenty of amenities here, including rentals for umbrellas and loungers, showers and lifeguards.

There are also a number of concession stands ready to serve you whatever takes your fancy. Nova Mar Bella is another beach that benefited as part of the 1992 Olympic Games rejuvenation project.

Sant Sebastià

I have to say that the backdrop to Sant Sebastià isn’t exactly one of the prettiest beach backdrops.

But with 1,100 metres of sand and fun bordering the Med, and within walking distance of Barcelona centre, I still think it’s worth your attention.

Expect a busy vibe, with a similar feel to Barceloneta. Indeed, if you’re heading here in the summer then I’d recommend heading onto the sand early to secure your spot for the day.

With sailing, paddleboarding, windsurfing and other water-based activities, there is plenty to keep the active members of your party busy.

Those with mobility issues are also well-catered for here with volunteer-organised amphibious chairs.

When your stomach starts rumbling, there are often food vendors wandering meaning you don’t even need to get up!


Somorrostro has a fascinating past. It was once home to what could only fairly be described as a shantytown.

Now, it is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches in Barcelona. Now known for its high-end luxury culture, I think it showcases how redevelopment can work wonders.

Indeed, you’ll find that it’s right next to some of the most opulent Barcelona restaurants and boutiques.

Somorrostro beach

Somorrostro covers 520m and can be found near the infamous Gehry’s Golden Fish statue and it leads up to the Moll de Marina Pier.

Central to the beach you can find Centre del la Platja (yes, literally Centre of the Beach). It’s a venue that offers all sorts of events ranging from environmental talks to games and activities for kids.

Sant Miguel

Sitting tightly between Sant Sebastià and Barceloneta, Sant Miguel kind of morphs as part of these two characterful beaches.

Centrally located, Sant Miguel is another Blue Flag Barcelona beach. I find it tends to attract those determined to sunbathe without break.

That said, any Brit who has tried to sunbathe with the best of the Catalonians and Spaniards knows that a break will be needed!

No problem, I’d recommend heading to Plaça del Mar if you’re in need of shade and refuelling.



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