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Castelldefels Beach relaxation

¡Hola! We’re Annebeth, Carola and Carlijn. We live and work in Barcelona as journalists and tour guides, and we want to share the best this wonderful city has to offer.

Beach club Castelldefels: 5 Ideal places to relax

The Castelldefels Beach Club they are the ideal places to have a special moment of relaxation. To be in contact with natural environments and find inner peace, the Beach Club in Castelldefels the ideal place to receive the sun’s rays, contemplate the beach, sand and those natural spaces that we often pass over.

On the beach of Castelldefels of Barcelona, excellent on a sunny day of sand and beach, or to watch the sunrise after a long summer night, it is located in 1000 square meters dedicated to gastronomic delights, signature cuisine and sound music, giving a Mediterranean experience unforgettable oceanfront.

Also known by its acronym CBC, the Casanova Beach Club It is a sophisticated place with a variety of spaces to dive into a pool, adding a front row view of the Mediterranean. In the elegant and delicate kitchen area, varied menus are offered from a frisies endive salad with cod, prawns and Thai mild curry, coconut soup, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil or the tuna tartare with avocado and crunchy toasts.

A first-class selection and careful when choosing its raw materials, is translated into the main ones such as the fresh hake loin a la San Sebastian or the angel hair fideuá with cuttlefish all i oli gratin. To finish, sweeten this Mediterranean aperitif with the Mosaic of natural fruits and mandarin reduction. In turn, it offers a dance floor, deck chairs and many other things to entertain visitors to the place.

This Beach Club is an iconic place to taste seafood and Thai food that only a Beach club Castelldefels can offer without any hesitation.

Other Beach Club in Barcelona

Infinity Beach Club

Infinity Beach Club

Infinitum Beach Club: where luxury and the beach merge into a unique experience Welcome to a heavenly corner where luxury meets

Mamut Beach Club Restaurant

Mamut Beach Club – Restaurant

Mamut Beach Club is one of the best beach clubs that we can find in Spain, more specifically in the city of Barcelona. It certainly counts

Purobeach Barcelona pool Sandbeds

Purobeach Barcelona

Discover the Unique Purobeach Barcelona Experience In the vibrant city of Barcelona, ​​where the sun melts into the Mediterranean Sea, is the

Go Beach Club Home

Go beach club

With a privileged situation facing the Mediterranean Sea and impressive views, Go! Beach Club is positioned as an ideal place for all types

Tibu-Ron Beach Club

The shark Beach Club, is located in front of the sea, in Castelldefels about 18 minutes from Barcelona. Its elegant architectural design, together with the great views of the sea, make it the right place for events, group celebrations and banquets, family reunions, dinners with friends, romantic dinners or simply chatting and having a drink in front of the ocean. In the Tibu-Ron Beach Club you can live magical moments and unique experiences.

Their specialties range from a glorious Paella, or Fideuá. Go to the Tibu-Ron Beach Club to delight yourself with its dishes is the ideal place to taste the rich gastronomic pleasures that it offers you Castelldefels, accompanied by an extensive menu of wines, cocktails, mojitos and drinks.

Rocxi Beach Club

Beach Club in Castelldefels has a summer meeting point for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine, the Rocxi beach It has a new gastronomic concept in a unique and exclusive environment, in addition to being innovative, which will appeal to all lovers of good food. At the same time, captivate visitors who want to indulge themselves in the pleasant atmosphere offered by this Beach Club in Castelldefels.

Here you can find a place designed with the best care and dedication that can be offered, with a mixture of tradition and avant-garde. In order to attract all the diners who pass through its doors. With all kinds of gastronomic tastes. Including a place to taste your favorite drinks.

An establishment created for all exclusive celebrations, meetings, cocktails, conventions and workshops.

Nova Icaria Beach

nova icaria beach in barcelona

Set alongside the Olympic Marina and observatory, Nova Icaria is the hang out spot of the younger crowds. Here the atmosphere is vibrant and fun-loving, with plenty of watersports opportunities and bars to get stuck into. It’s also close to the Icaria shopping centre and its English-language cinema – ideal if you fancy a break from the sun and the sea.

Sitges Beach

Beach in Sitges

Though Sitges isn’t one of Barcelona’s city beaches, it’s a popular stretch of sand just along the coast. Known for its laidback party vibe and its large gay community, it’s ideal for a day of relaxation, good food, and lots of drinks. Like Barcelona’s main beaches, the largest beach in Sitges can get overrun in the summer months, but head slightly north and you’ll find quieter coves with sheltered shorelines.

Ocata Beach

ocata beach near barcelona

Ocata sits to the north of Barcelona and is a quiet, family-friendly beach. Boasting pristine sands and plenty of space to lay down your towels it is the perfect backdrop for summer sandcastles and picnics. At a half an hour train ride out of Barcelona, it also gives you time to breathe away from the bustle of the city centre.

Daverian’s Travels

We took a short vacation in Catalonia, Spain in early June of 2012 to celebrate Adrian’s birthday. We chose Spain because we really wanted a beach vacation after a long, cold winter in Berlin. We decided to go to Barcelona because we had never been there before, had always wanted to visit the city and it was on the beach. We ended up spending 3/4 of the trip in the beach town of Castelldefels and the the last portion in the city itself. Here are some of the details of the trip (all prices from 2012).


One huge factor for why we chose Spain over some other destinations is that the flight was really affordable. We were able to find round trip tickets on Kayak from the Spanish low cost carrier Vueling for 150€ each. Not the cheapest flight imaginable, but for traveling from somewhere cold to somewhere warm and right by the beach, a pretty good deal. Vueling was a pretty typical no frills low cost airline, comparable to EasyJet. This means of course that the flight is not something you are going to enjoy, but rather something you must tolerate.


Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain
Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

Castelldefels, Spain

The first stop on our trip was the beach town of Castelldefels, just to the south of Barcelona. We found out about it simply by doing a little bit of research and looking at hotel prices around the city of Barcelona. The good things about Castelldefels are that it has large, beautiful beaches, really nice weather and affordable, quality hotels. The trade off is that it is not close enough to Barcelona to take advantage of all that city has to offer. We would recommend Castelldefels if you are looking for a quiet place to relax and spend some time in the sun, but not as a base of operations for exploring Barcelona. Castelldefels is about 20 minutes from the Barcelona airport. We took a taxi there which cost us approximately 12€.

We stayed in a hotel in Castelldefels called the Ciudad de Castelldefels. We were able to book the hotel for 3 nights for 236€. We were quite happy with the hotel for its proximity to the beach and its nice pool area. In general, Dave prefers to swim in the ocean, while Adrian likes pools so a perfect beach vacation day for us is to relax on the beach all morning, and then hit the pool in the afternoon. We did a lot of that in our time in Casta :).

The beaches in Catalonia were quite similar to those in California, except without the massive surfing waves. This means that they are very big with nice comfortable sand and with a lot of activities going on. While we were in Casta., there was a rugby tournament going on which was kind of fun to watch. Additionally, this area of Spain is a very popular spot for Kite Surfing… also pretty fun to watch. There are also lots of bars and restaurants right on the beach and places to rent beach chairs and umbrellas. One of the highlights of our entire trip was renting a couple of beach chairs and splurging on some mojitos (it was Adrian’s birthday after all!). One other note about the beach: Spanish women usually are topless at the beach and are not at all bashful about it. Expect to see a lot of bare breasted women of all different shapes and sizes.

For food in Casta almost all the restaurants serve Tapas in some form or another… in fact the menus for most of the restaurants are exactly the same, with the only difference being price/quality. Most of the places that have an ocean view or that are right on the beach tend to be a little over-priced, especially for cocktails, but it can be worth it to enjoy the sunset. We stuck mostly to the budget spots, drank some beer and enjoyed some cheap Tapas (hamburgesas and tortillas). We did go out to dinner one night at Can Moyas on the recommendation of the hotel and a little bit of online research. Dinner was delicious. We split some amazing Paella and several Tapas plates, most featuring fresh seafood. The bill wasn’t cheap (~60€), but pretty comparable to nicer places in Berlin and definitely worth it as we had a great night!

One note on dining out: Spaniards are famous throughout Europe for eating very late in the evening and staying up even later, so unless you don’t mind being the only people in the restaurant, book a table after 10pm. We ate a 9:30pm and had the place to ourselves, but that kind of thing doesn’t really bother us.




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