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Family-friendly beaches in Barcelona

Heading down to the beach with the kids is a fun and entertaining experience for everyone. Building sand castles, hunting for seashells, strolling along a golden carpet and frolicking in the water are the perfect ingredients of a great day out at the beach for any family. But some beaches are more suited to go to with children than others. Barcelona has many beaches that are adapted to the needs of the smallest members of your family for that very reason.

Business, beaches and the family in Barcelona

The NH Concierge’s Tips

Though known for the architecture of the city of Gaudí, its nightlife and boutiques, Barcelona has a lot to offer young families in need of entertainment of a different sort. Ciutadella park and playgrounds have to be at the top of that list. The park is located centrally and you will find it an easy jaunt from wherever you’re staying and, more importantly, it can keep your family occupied in Barcelona for an entire day. In good weather this is a popular place for anyone with kids, giving the park both a fun-loving and safe atmosphere. Here you can explore Barcelona Zoo (which can provide a good day out in itself), three playgrounds, two endearing cafés, and one impressive boating lake. If this all sounds like too much walking for little legs then conveniently near the entrance to the park there is a bike rental shop. From here you can acquire family friendly bikes with up to five seats saving you time and effort.

Barceloneta beach

If the sun makes the sea seem inviting, then Barceloneta beach should be high on your list of places to go. Anyone staying in the Ciutat Vella will find it a short walk or bus ride away and even the metro stops just off the sand. In front of you stretches over a mile of two golden beaches and there is a play area with a climbing frame if it gets too hot for volleyball. The Beach Center is a useful point of interest as it is a hub of information and a site for various summer schemes. Located near the Hospital Del Mar it’s easy to find and worth popping into.

Those of you looking for something slightly more sophisticated to do with your family in Barcelona should try the Miró museum. The huge variety of paintings and sculptures on display mean you can tailor your trip to keep it interesting for younger ones while still learning a great deal about Barcelona’s cultural heritage. However, the real draw for families are the English-speaking performances and the large gardens next door. The performances, perfect for kids, are on Saturdays and Sundays and you can bring a picnic into the gardens if it’s too hot inside the museum café which also serves food.

Las Ramblas

Though an entertaining and almost romantic venture for any couple, the walk down Las Ramblas is even more fun with kids. The whole route is riddled with shops and stalls which fascinate children and you won’t mind being told to stop and look at another shop which is selling turtles, birds and other pets. But if you’re more of a people-person then the various street performers are there in all their forms to entertain you. If magic, comedy, mime or music is your thing then there’s something for you down Las Ramblas.

Tibidabo mountain

If you have the time, then finally Tibidabo Amusement Park does everything a theme park promises while also providing you with a phenomenal view over the city from the top of the mountain. The rides aren’t thunderous or intimidating which gives the park a unique family feel that everyone can enjoy, and the tram to and from it provides a quaint and highly recommended way of enjoying the view. The friendly driver is also a knowledgeable tour guide and maybe he will recommend a visit to the Temple de Sagrat Cor – the most picturesque and stunning church near Tibidabo park that is nestled into the top of the mountain and well worth a visit while you’re there. Try a few of these out and it won’t be long before your Barcelona family want you to take them back there again!

The “ciudad condal” is not just entertainment and leisure. A large amount of companies meet in Barcelona as it’s one of the best European locations to develop business strategies and for networking in. This is possible thanks to the extensive business facilities such as the World Trade Center, the International Conference Center, and the port of the city which is used by well known tourist cruise ships and shipping enterprises moving products from North America or Asia. All this, without forgetting that Barcelona has become a hub for technological and retail fairs such as the Mobile World Congress or the Barcelona Bridal Week for the last few years ago. Without a doubt, business in Barcelona is a must.

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A day with the kids at a local Barcelona beach

Hi every one. This is Ann-Marie and I am the guide that leads all of you on the Runner Bean Kids and Family Walking Tours. One thing that strikes me about this city is the huge amount of activities available for families. Of course, all the guide books list the main museums and attractions, but on this post I thought I would offer an insider’s view on alternative itineraries that would offer a more local perspective. So follow me for some beach, tapas and ice cream.

One big bonus about visiting Barcelona with the little ones is the sand and the sea. Barceloneta is the nearest beach to the centre but it can get quite crowded with sight-seers and, as a result, not as pleasant. A more local beach is Bogatell that belongs to the neighbourhood of Poble Nou (metro stop Poble Nou – Line 4, the yellow one). To get there, you can use public transport, hire bikes (15 minute cycle from the centre) or take a pleasant 25 minute stroll from Barceloneta Beach. It is a lot cleaner than the central beaches and has fewer people, making it more pleasant to while away an hour or two with the kids. Please remember never to leave your valuables unattended.

La Tertulia tapas restaurant

Once the hunger sets in, it is time to head for the very pleasant Rambla of Poble Nou. If visiting during a sunny weekend, you will quickly notice that this is where a lot of Barcelonian families come on a Sunday rather than the overpriced La Rambla. Sometimes for a stroll or perhaps for a bite to eat. It is a pedestrian avenue that boasts a mix of modern as well as beautiful old sgraffito houses. Treat the kids to simple home made tapas on the outside terrace of La Tertulia. Being a local, I know this is one of the best spots for big portions of great tapas at reasonable prices. It never fails to impress families that I bring here! “Calamares a la Andaluza” (in the photo) is one of my favourite dishes.

El Tio Che, Barcelona ice-cream parlour

However, don’t forget to leave room for the next course, which is the next block up away from the sea. On the corner of La Rambla of Poble Nou and Joncar Street you will find the classic El Tio Che. This is the best place for an ice cream or a refreshing orxata. It is an traditional parlour, still run by the same family, that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012 and is an institution in Barcelona. Aside from its beautiful decorative facade, they still continue to make their own mouth watering ice cream. I have friends from neighbourhoods 12 kms away that come all the way here just to buy their cartons of this creamy delicacy. Although flavours are displayed in Catalan, friendly staff give a good stab at translating them into English for the occasional tourist. You should also try one of their famous orxatas which is a milky non alcholic drink made from tigernuts. Nutty and sweet at the same time, tiger nuts are a healthy food with lots of positive benefits but I’m sure the kids will just love the flavour anyway!

Dragon of Poblenou

Once the deliciously cooling dessert has been gobbled up, round off with a fun cultural activity. Turn right at Joncar Street and follow the same block. After 3 minutes you will arrive to the chimney square with the local library on the left. Here you can view the Giants of Poble Nou. If the doors are open, go inside and have a look. If they are closed, you can still spy kings, queens, dragons and other beasts. During the big festivals, a strong person slips inside and carries the whole structure around on their shoulders. Sometimes these large figures can weigh up to 60 kilos. They swirl and dance among the crowds and are pretty impressive to see in action.

I hope you enjoyed your time in my local barrio. You can finish off the tour by taking in more of the Rambla. If you see me on the street, give me a wave and maybe we can all sit down for that wonderful orxata :-).

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(English) Ideal Beaches For Kids in Barcelona


Heading down to the beach with the kids is a fun and entertaining experience for everyone. Building sand castles, hunting for seashells, strolling along a golden carpet and frolicking in the water are the perfect ingredients of a great day out at the beach for any family. But some beaches are more suited to go to with children than others. Barcelona has many beaches that are adapted to the needs of the smallest members of your family for that very reason.

The Catalan Tourism Agency awards municipalities who are sensitive to the needs of families a “Family Tourism Seal of Approval”,which guarantees the availability of food and drink,as well as entertainment for kids. Numerous beaches in Barcelona have this quality mark:

Playa de Calella

It has 3 beaches in total. The biggest is Gran Playa with a 1,403 metre stretch of sand, followed by Playa Garbí at 814 metres and Playas Les Roques at 750 metres. They have all the services and facilities needed to spend an entire day there as a family.

The vast expanse of the Castelldefels beach and the quality of its sand and water are great attributes. Five kilometres of beach with all kinds of facilities. But the hallmark are its five flags – “Q” of tourist quality, SICTED, Ecoplayas, Blue Flag and ISO 9001 certification – all of which guarantee the suitability of this beach for families who visit.

Playa de Malgrat del Mar

The four beaches at Malgrat del Mar are perfect to enjoy with children, but the great advantage of Playa de l’Astillero in particular is that it has its very own kids club,where children may attend the beach library, children’s workshops and even enjoy the inflatables, all free of charge, among other activities scheduled for the summer months.

Four beaches – Playa de Poblenou, Playa de la Riera, Playa de Pescadores and Playa de los Pins – are on offer at Pineda de Mar for a fun day at the beach.

Playas de Vilanova y la Geltrú

Although it lacks the Family Tourism seal of approval, its eight beaches have more than 6 km of sand and a very gentle incline. The quality of services there are its greatest charm. We especially recommend Plata Adarro, awarded the “Q” of tourism quality for its facilities: a snack bar, showers, toilets, disabled access, landscaped areas and a sports area. Just like Playa de Sant Gervasi, PlayaFar de Sant Cristòfol and Playa d’Ibersolalso enjoy the recognition of Ecoplayas. Playa de Ribes Rogesadds a third distinction – the Blue Flag.

So, all you need to do now is come to Barcelona and enjoy the pleasure of spending a fun-filled day at the beach with the littlest members of your family.



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