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Ocata Beach day trips

As the summer sun shines brightly over Barcelona, July brings forth hot weather and bustling beaches. People venture from near and far to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. With the popularity of the city’s main beaches, it often leads to crowded sands and a bustling atmosphere, which may not be as relaxing as anticipated. But fret not, for with a little insider knowledge and a short train ride all of this can be avoided. With a curated list of the best Barcelona Beaches, you can bask in the warmth of the sun for a peaceful day and a good time!


A beach to the east of the port of El Masnou. It is easily reached and has all kinds of services and sports facilities. It is flanked by a wide front for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Ocata beach is located to the east of the port of El Masnou. It is more than one and a half kilometres long and a variable width, ranging from 170 metres, next to the marina, to fifty metres, in the area closest to Premià de Mar.

Next to the marina we find the Masnou Nautical Club. From this point and until the coloured hangar that houses the Ocata Vent sailing club; the beach is wide and has fine sand. It offers all types of services: showers, restaurants, leisure areas for beach sports, beach bars, as well as surveillance and Red Cross services. During the summer, the different bars and the El Masnou Town Hall offer cultural and leisure activity evenings.

On the stretch of beach near Premià de Mar an area for angling of about 200 metres has been set up and can be enjoyed 24 hours a day. Following this stretch and towards the south there is another area of the same length in which nudity is permitted.

It can be reached by car through a tunnel from the village of El Masnou; for parking, we can use the large area of the marina, paying, or a small strip between the marina and the railway, also paying (blue zone). A pie hay varios pasos subterráneos y elevados que atraviesan la N-II y la vía férrea. Another way to access the beach is to use the suburban Renfe train service; the Ocata train station is a few steps from the beach.

A wide promenade busy with pedestrians and cyclists borders this entire beach with sports equipment to do physical exercise.

  • Swimming conditions: Good
  • Length: 2500
  • Width: 47
  • Type of sand : Thick
  • Surf : Light surf
  • Blue Flag quality certificate: S
  • How to get there: By car on the main N-II road. By train: Renfe suburban train network (Ocata station). By intercity bus (Mataró line, 100 m).

Ocata Beach

Sunset drinks in Ocata beach, El Masnou

Photo by: Maria Olival

Just a short 30-minute journey from Barcelona lies Ocata Beach, a serene coastal oasis. This beach is long and wide ensuring a place for your towel to fit to lay down and relax for the afternoon. Take leisurely strolls along the shoreline, feel the soft grains of sand beneath your feet, and indulge in a delightful lunch or refreshing drink at one of the beach bars nearby. For a change of scenery, venture into ElMasnou, the charming town connected to Ocata Beach. Ocata Beach is the place to go if you are craving some personal space in the sand and for a time of relaxation by the sea!

Caldes D’estrac Beach

Best beaches in Barcelona

Caldes D’estrac is only a 45-minute train ride out of the Barcelona city center. This journey costs only 4 euros and is a low price to pay for the high-quality beach day you will experience. What you will find here: clean sand, kayak rentals, hiking paths, and a single beach bar. What you will not find here: a crowd of people and vendors walking the beach. Overall, Caldes D’estrac is a great beach for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle but still have some entertainment such as kayaking or hiking for when you get bored in the sand.

Garraf Beach

Garraf beach

Garraf Beach is only 30 minutes out of Barcelona by train. It is the ideal destination for those seeking a local, authentic beach experience without venturing too far from the city. Nestled in a picturesque bay, this charming beach is accompanied by the quaint town of Garraf perched atop the rocky cliffs. Garraf Beach provides a refreshing alternative, with its serene ambiance and fewer crowds of tourists. You’ll also find beach huts available for rent, offering a cozy space to relax and enjoy the seaside surroundings.

How to get to Masnou and Ocata

The easiest way would be taking the train R2 from any of these stations in Barcelona: Sans, Plaça Catalunya, Arc de Triumf, Clot and get off either in Masnou or Ocata depending on the beach you’d like to spend the day at. The train stations are 10-15 min walk from each other.

You could also get there by car take the C-32 highway with no toll and arrive in about 30 minutes. I won’t recommend this as it will be ready hard to find parking. If you take a get here by motorbike than you won’t have a problem parking.

What to do in Masnou / Ocata?

1. Enjoy the beach and maybe do some (sunrise) paddle surf!

My favorite is Platja d’Ocata as it is wider and there are more Chiringuitos. If you’d like to paddle plan it’s best to go at the Platja del Masnou as you can rent a board at Maresme Waves.

Depending on which beach you choose get off either at El Masnou or Ocata stop.

Ocata beach view towards Barcelona

Sunrise paddle surf

2. Get ice cream, ideally from Mimuna

Just 5-10 min away from the beach this is the perfect thing to do after a day at the beach. At Mimuna you’ll get homemade ice cream and can find plenty of vegan options.

Strawberry ice cream in front of Mimuna

3. Grab a coffee at Verde Aceituna

If you’re like me and are into specialty/roastery this is the place to go. Keep in mind they are closed on Sundays.

4. Get a picture of the town at Mirador de l’església de Sant Pere

Masnou view towards the port

5. Try out one of the best vermouths from Catalunya. (you can order it also online.)

Bottle of Vermout Cisa Rojo

Where to eat in Masnou / Ocata?

  • Burgers ideally at Picaña hamburgueseria. They have vegan and vegetarian options!
  • Pizza, pasta and more Italian food at La Pizza di Piero. Try out the lasagna de setas (mushrooms), it’s delicious!
  • Paella at Restaurante La Santa in the harbour.

You can find these plus other options on the map below. Also, there are many more options are available in the harbor as well as on the main road. It’s better to reserve in advance even on the same day.



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