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Caldetes Beach for sunbathing

A little cleaner and calmer than some of the others, this peaceful spot is a bit further from the center of town and just off the metro line. The tranquil waters and soft sands give way to a raised promenade behind the beach providing a great balance of beachside food, relaxation and entertainment.

The Most Pristine Barcelona Beaches You Can Ever Set Foot On

Spain has always been the dream destination for most of us after witnessing the country’s beauty through diverse television shows and movies. Be it the countryside, the bustling cities or the natural retreats, the country has something magical or rather special that makes it one of the most popular destinations in the world. Specifically, Barcelona remains at the top 5 must-visit places for football fans for its legacy in the sporting event. Apart from its historic monuments and architectural marvels from the medieval period, what stand out amongst tourists are the pristine Barcelona beaches. With a myriad of sand-scapes along the coastline, tourists have plenty of options to head for a chilled out vacation. From crowded shores with cluttered cafes and restaurants to the more silent beaches, you can find a beach that suits your taste and enjoy a laid-back vacation.

Barceloneta Beach- Barcelona beaches

Known to be one of the top things to do in Barcelona, This beach attracts a very young crowd who are looking to take some time off work or studies and unwind at the shores. Located next to the Olympic Marina & Observatory, the beach is conveniently situated near the Nova Icaria shopping avenue, which allows you to go for some shopping after spending quality time by the sea. Besides, there is also a cinema theatre that plays English movies which you can go for or prefer dining at some really good restaurants around the region. If you are into water sports and look forward to indulging in some water-based adventure sports, Nova Icaria is the ideal location. There are multiple options for you to book English sessions so that your experience is more satisfying. It is comparatively less crowded than the Barceloneta Beach. This place is ideal for a laidback evening.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes

3. Ocata Beach – Tranquil but after a commute

Ocata Beach- Barcelona beaches

If you don’t mind spending some time in getting to a beach that is a little outside the city limits, Ocata Beach would be perfect for you. A top Barcelona Tourism attraction, this beach will welcome you with a serenity that is like no other. For those of you looking for a tranquil holiday away from the noises of the city and people, the Ocata beach is an ideal destination. To reach here, you have to take a train and commute for close to 30 minutes. This is comparatively one of the less busy beaches and is devoid of major entertainment options. This means that it is just you, the shores and the water and nothing in between. However, this certainly does not mean that there are fewer options for quality food and beverage here because the cafes here serve the best of drinks and food for you to refresh yourself. This is a beach that will offer you more privacy and peace of mind when compared to the other beaches. If you are with your family or spouse and intend to have a tranquil time with them, Ocata Beach is where you need to be heading to. If you are with your family or spouse and intend to have a tranquil time with them, Ocata Beach is where you need to be heading to.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes

4. Bogatell Beach – Picturesque and great for drinks

Bogatell Beach- Barcelona beaches

This is one of the most popular Barcelona beaches and was created as part of the urban planning movement. It was created with the intention to refresh the appeal of the area and sports a beautiful coastline and lush green gardens. The place beautifully combines natural elements and offers you a perfect ambience to relax on your holiday. Also regarded as one of the safest beaches in Barcelona, this place will also offer you options to indulge yourself in a few games of volleyball or ping pong. This is where locals generally hang out and you can see a slightly older crowd, which means less noise and more relaxation. Again, this beach is perfect for families and honeymoon couples who want to tuck away from people for a while. For refreshments, the place has ample restaurants, cafes and bars.This is where you forget all your worries and work and give into the water and the shoreline.

  • Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 30 minutes

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Sant Sebastia Beach

Sant Sebastia Beach - Exploring 10 of the Top Beaches in Barcelona, Spain

Located in the Ciutat Vella, this is one of the oldest and most traditional beaches in Barcelona. Not to mention one of the most popular, due mainly to its convenient location as well as the many amenities for visitors including toilets, showers, great parking and convenient ramps down to the beach.

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach - Exploring 10 of the Top Beaches in Barcelona, Spain

This is probably the most well known and popular beaches in Barcelona. Famous for its lively beach vibe, which attracts a younger crowd, this gem is a great place to see many of the city’s attractions and enjoy the nearby clubs at night. If you are the active type, hire a bike or rent out some surfing equipment for the day. Between the sand artists, singing donut salesmen or beach drummers, there is no shortage of entertainment here.

Caldetes Beach

Caldetes Beach - Caldes d’Estrac - Exploring 10 of the Top Beaches in Barcelona, Spain

Caldetes beach is a peaceful paradise where the sun, sand and water are the main attraction. You will find everything you could want in a beach here, including a club at the end for sipping drinks while enjoying the impressive scenery.

8. Caldetes Beach

 Best Beaches to Visit in Barcelona

Slightly further than Ocata beach is another beach to visit in Barcelona , if not quieter beach called the Caldetes beach, less than an hour from downtown on the train. Also known as Caldes d’Estrac, Caldetes is a tranquil small village that allows for a quick retreat just a few miles northeast of the city, where you can relax and unwind. The picturesque and pristine beach in this quaint little village used to be a spa and resort town for the well-to-do, but it is now a popular tourist destination. Although it is a popular tourist spot, do not worry about it being like another Barceloneta beach. In addition, there is also a handful of Chiringuitos and atmospheric cafes to lounge in. Or if you prefer to get active, surf, or kayak in the clear blue waters and some parts of Caldetes offer stronger currents and larger waves than other beaches to add to the fun. There is also a range of outdoor activities including a volleyball court and a lovely kids’ playground to enjoy. Enjoy the picture-perfect beach, regardless of how you wish to spend your time at Caldetes!

Address: Caldes D’Estrac, Barcelona

9. Somorrostro Beach

Caldetes Beach

Located adjacent to Barceloneta beach to its west, Somorrostro beach is one of the most ideally located and must-visit beaches near Barcelona within easy access to public transportation. However, it is also a place with an infamous history. In the past, it was the site of a shanty neighborhood called Somorrostro, where more than 15,000 people lived in extremely poor conditions. The neighborhood was only demolished in the 1960s and eventually became part of Barceloneta beach. Only 7 years ago in 2010, it was renamed after its former name to commemorate this historical site. Because it is so close to everyone’s favorite – the Barceloneta beach, you will also find lots of young tourists here and some locals who are attracted by the ease of visiting Somorrostro beach. Expect to see the typical beach facilities here at the 520-m (1,706-ft) long Somorrostro beach, including showers and public restrooms, children play area, volleyball courts and lifeguard service.

Address: Somorrostro beach Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 32, 08003, Barcelona

10. Sant Pol de Mar Beach

 Best Beaches to Visit in Barcelona

Sant Sebastia Beach

Last but not least, if time is on your hands and you truly want to escape from the hectic downtown, find your way to Sant Pol de Mar northwest of the city. The 50 km (31 mi) journey along the Costa del Maresme will lead you pass many beautiful beaches such as Ocata and other small towns, one of which is the appealing Sant Pol de Mar. There are not many tourists over here, which is something you will likely appreciate. Perhaps because of the high privacy visitors get to enjoy at Sant Pol de Mar, the beach is popular with gay daytrippers and nudist bathers. If you are game to experience anything, follow the rail tracks back towards Barcelona for about 1 km (0.6 mi) from the train station to get to the nudist coves backed by pretty hills. Nonetheless, even if you prefer to keep your kit on, this popular beach near Barcelona and enchanting coves are very enjoyable too.

Address: Platja Roques Blanques; 08395 Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona

Hope you enjoyed the list of top 10 beaches in Barcelona that are surreal and exciting in their own ways. Along with smooth sand and crystal clear water, you get to experience refined Thai seafood cuisines at an amazingly cheap rate while strolling on the famous beaches near Barcelona. You can contact our assistance for booking any tours or flights or hotels for exploring such exotic and adventurous cities. While don’t forget to like, share and comment under our articles keeping our bloggers motivated to write more engaging blogs like these.



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